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The purpose of the Cellulosic Sugar Producers Co-operative (CSPC) is to establish an agricultural biomass supply chain within Southern Ontario and produce sugar products and co-products from agricultural biomass in partnership with Comet Biorefining Incorporated (“Comet”) who has commercially viable biomass conversion technology and committed markets for the sugar products and co-products.

COMET and CSPC have entered into agreements to build a commercial biomass conversion plant in Sarnia Ontario and develop the agricultural biomass (ie. wheat straw and corn stover) to cellulosic sugar value chain within Southern Ontario. Both organizations are now working to complete project debt and equity financing.

The CSPC has held a series of meetings with approximately 50 producers to confirm the interest level and to fine tune the business plan.  Follow up meetings began in June 2016 and there has been a high level of commitment from this group of producers. The CSPC projects will require a minimum of 200 producer members to successfully complete their equity financing.

Our Vision

To have an operating agricultural biomass to end-products supply chain by 2020 which is profitable and sustainable for all participants

Our Target

Construction of a cellulosic sugar conversion plant in Sarnia by late 2018, processing 75,000 tonnes of biomass based on 55,000 acres.