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The Cellulosic Sugar Producers Co-operative (CSPC) is an Ontario based farmer's co-operative that strives to develop new markets for crop residue materials that support new business opportunities such as extracting cellulosic sugars from crop residues. With this, farmers can explore new markets without having to compete for land.

Currently, there is no existing market for corn stover in Ontario and is not considered to be a revenue generating material for producers.

CSPC wants to establish that market and put a value on corn stover that will generate higher profits per acre without investing in more valuable land.




Working Together

One key project in the Sarnia bioeconomy cluster is Comet Bio's planned commercial cellulosic dextrose facility, which will produce high purity dextrose sugar for use in bio-based chemical applications.  The project is based on a key partnership between Comet and the Cellulosic Sugar Producers Cooperative (CSPC), that will create a value chain for the cluster.

Our Objective 

To enable farmers in Ontario to participate in, and profit from, the development of the agricultural biomass supply chain and cellulosic glucose (sugar) and co-products production and sales through its relationship with Comet Bio.  Corn stover consists of the leaves, stock and cobs of the corn plants left in a field after harvest. There is no existing market for this corn stover and it is not currently a revenue generating material for producers. The conversion of corn stover into cellulosic glucose represents a new market for producers, with no additional processing cost to supply to a conversion plant.

Subject to the approval of the Board of Directors of the Co-op, membership is open to farmers in Ontario who own land producing corn and wheat. However, it is anticipated that the great majority of producers will initially be farmers concentrated within a one 135 kilometre radius (shown in green) of Sarnia, Ontario.

Brian Cofell,  General Manager of CSPC

“Our partnership with Comet creates an opportunity for all members. We believe and trust our relationship with Comet Bio-Refining. We are excited that the Co-op is responsible for all the field work. That allows us to ensure the harvesting is completed when ground conditions are fit and with the permission of the grower.” 

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